Achievements Of Deaf Pupils In Scotland

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"We hope that through this project, parents of deaf children in Scotland will be more aware that their children can achieve."
Frances Dolan, Parent of deaf children

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"This project is very exciting: assessing a whole country of deaf pupils and tracking their progress systematically has never been done before."
Professor Peter Tymms, CEM Centre, University of Durham

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"I would like to say that this research is absolutely vital. We need to know whether young deaf people are now achieving equally with their hearing peers."
Debra Dalton, Youth Services Officer, Edinburgh & East Of Scotland Deaf Society (and Deaf ex-pupil)

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"We have a real need to explore how we, as a service, are doing compared to others. ADPS has unique potential to help us identify and understand any differences, so that we can continually improve our services for deaf children."
Carole Torrance, Head of Hearing Impaired Services, West Lothian

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"Achievements of Deaf Pupils in Scotland is a crucial step to moving forward in Deaf Education. We need the knowledge gained from the information collated to help both parents and professionals help our children towards having more control over their chosen destiny."
Lorna Humphrey, Parent of a deaf child

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"The ADPS project highlights gaps in communication between health and education professionals working with deaf children. Their information also provides unique opportunities for joint investigation of factors which can affect deaf children's learning."
Dr Jackie Grigor, Consultant Paediatrician, Edinburgh Sick Children's NHS Trust

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"The information gives us directions to work towards in improving achievements of pupils."
Teacher of Deaf Children, Ayrshire

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"I have to say it is brilliant to actually have reliable statistics now and be able to use them to help plan our society's future."
Alan MacQueen, Family Services Officer, NDCS Scotland

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