Achievements Of Deaf Pupils In Scotland

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Partnership with Stakeholders

Marian Grimes introduced Lorna Mortis, teacher of deaf children and Maire McCormack, parent of a deaf child. She asked both to explain their involvement with the project and their views as "stakeholders".

Lorna explained how she had been involved in piloting the project questionnaires as well as completing them every year since. Initially, the task seemed unduly onerous but, once the teachers began to get feedback on results, they could see the purpose and potential of the data collection in terms of monitoring and planning services.

She suggested a change to the way in which data on medical conditions is collected, which Marian agreed to discuss with the team.

Maire explained that she took part in piloting the Family Survey questionnaires which had been a helpful process in itself: "it illustrated the choices I had to make when my child was diagnosed" and evoked memories of "turning to different professionals but with no statistical information to guide me". She felt that the statistics are a valuable tool in making choices and approaching decision-makers.

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