Achievements Of Deaf Pupils In Scotland

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Scottish Parliament Members' Debate on ADPS


On 6 January 2004, Cathie Craigie, MSP, submitted the following motion to the Scottish Parliament:

"That the Parliament congratulates the Scottish Executive for funding the Achievements of Deaf Pupils in Scotland project since November 2000; is concerned to note the gap in achievements between deaf and hearing children identified in its initial findings, and considers that the Executive should continue to fund the project so that groundbreaking year-on-year evidence can be collected to enable identification of factors which can be addressed by education services for deaf pupils in Scotland."

It was supported by 44 other MSPs from across the political spectrum:

Ms Sarah Boyack, Robert Brown, Bill Butler, John Home Robertson, Margaret Jamieson, Carolyn Leckie, Tommy Sheridan, Ms Sandra White, Jackie Baillie, Rosemary Byrne, Helen Eadie, Marlyn Glen, Robin Harper, Marilyn Livingstone, Mr Kenny MacAskill, Mr Kenneth Macintosh, Kate Maclean, Mr Michael McMahon, Pauline McNeill, Dr Elaine Murray, Mike Pringle, Nora Radcliffe, Elaine Smith, John Swinburne, Mike Watson, Trish Godman, Christine May, Mr Duncan McNeil, Frances Curran, Mr Stewart Maxwell, Eleanor Scott, Donald Gorrie, Dr Jean Turner, Mark Ballard, Mr Adam Ingram, Scott Barrie, Fiona Hyslop, Cathy Peattie, Susan Deacon, Irene Oldfather, Rosie Kane, Mrs Karen Gillon, Murray Tosh, Bruce Crawford

The motion was called for debate on 4 March 2004 by the Minister for Parliamentary Business.

The Members' Debate

Cathie Craigie introduces the debate in the main chamber of the Scottish ParliamentCathie Craigie introduces the debate in the main chamber of the Scottish Parliament

Cathie Craigie (Scottish Labour Party) introduced the debate, followed by supportive speeches from the following MSPs – again from across the political spectrum:

  • Margaret Ewing (Scottish National Party)
  • Lord James Douglas Hamilton (Conservative Party)
  • Eleanor Scott (Green Party)
  • Sandra White (Scottish National Party)
  • Susan Deacon (Scottish Labour Party)

The Deputy Minster for Education, Euan Robson (Lib Dems), responded on behalf of the Scottish Executive. He said that the Scottish Executive did not intend to provide further funding to the project after March 2005. As part of his response, Mr Robson affirmed that the funding of ADPS would continue for another year. He also said:

"We agree totally that the accumulation of data about deaf pupils is vital – that is why we put the money into the ADPS project. We are not stepping back from a commitment to the accumulation of the data. We will collect the data through the ScotXed programme and continue to monitor the achievement of deaf pupils..."

Members of the ADPS team will be meeting with ScotXEd and other SEED staff to explore these issues further.

A full, verbatim, account of the debate, including the response of the Deputy Minister, can be found at:

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