Achievements Of Deaf Pupils In Scotland

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Standalone Database Project

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ADPS worked with the Glasgow Sensory Impairment Service and with Glasgow City Education Department to pilot a standalone version of the ADPS database relating to Glasgow Visiting Service.

A standalone version of the database has been recently developed, incorporating all of the data currently available in relation to the deaf children and young people served by the Glasgow Visiting Service. This means that three years of data relating to Group A pupils are currently contained in the standalone version. The idea is for the service to update this standalone version as necessary, over a period of time, so that when ADPS collects the annual information, most of this will already be available. In the meantime, staff can exploit the search functions on the database to extract specific data relating to their pupils. Thus it may be useful for them to look at particular 5-14 levels of all deaf children as against targets set. It may be that they wish to look specifically at the results of profoundly deaf children or children in particular types of placement. They themselves can choose what to look at on any particular occasion, depending on their own planning and development needs. They can also track the progress over three years of specific pupils or groups of pupils.

Update, December 2005

The standalone database was completed and staff successfully used it to update the ADPS database in 2004/05. The current funding application exploits the learning from this pilot. It is intended that future developments will be web-based.

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