Achievements Of Deaf Pupils In Scotland

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National Survey

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The National Survey of deaf pupils and pre-school children involves the collection of information about each deaf child/young person every year. We collect information about three groups of children or young people:

  • Pre-school children
  • deaf children who attend a school or unit for deaf children or who receive two or more visits a year from specialist teachers of deaf children: we call these Group A deaf children;
  • deaf children who attend mainstream schools, but who only receive visits from specialist teachers once a year or less. We call these Group B deaf children.

We collect detailed information on the first two groups, but so far we have only collected limited information in relation to Group B deaf pupils.

The project team have designed and developed an electronic database which allows us to store a detailed record for each Group A deaf child. We are able to input information on a range of variables such as placement, hearing loss and examination results. This information is being collected and entered on a yearly basis. We have decided to choose this longitudinal approach, rather than a snapshot approach, as we want to be able to track progress over time and to examine patterns and trends. Because of the excellent co-operation of teachers of deaf children and other professionals, such as Audiologists and Speech and Language Therapists, the ADPS project has achieved very high return rates. These very high returns mean that it is possible to provide the most accurate and detailed data ever collected in relation to the deaf school population in Scotland.

Once such information is entered we are able to produce a range of findings relating to the population of deaf pupils in Scotland. This information will be of interest to deaf people, parents, professionals and all those involved in developing resources and policies in relation to deaf pupils.

Update, April 2006 (no BSL translation available as yet for this update)

Funding from the Scottish Executive ceased in spring 2005.  Since then the University of Edinburgh and the National Deaf Children’s Society have provided funding to enable the collection of a fifth year of information (2004/05) and the presentation of findings on the four-year period 2000-2004.   A selection of these findings have been added to this website.  With further funding, much more information will be possible.


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Findings from the ADPS longitudinal survey can be found under the appropriate category headings below. Click on a year, or group of years (eg 00/01 or 2000-2004) to view the findings in that category for that period.

The bar charts, pie charts and other tables and diagrams present the raw data relating to a number of key areas. If you wish to view the charts at full size, just click on the particular chart.

NB These charts may be copied for research and study purposes. If they are to be shown in public, acknowledgement should be given to the ADPS project and SEED. Permission to use in publications should be sought from the ADPS Project Director: see Contacts

Categories of ADPS data

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Ascertainment of Population 00/01 01/02 2000-2004
Hearing Loss Levels (From 2001/02 onwards we have created a separate "Cochlear Implanted" category) 00/01 01/02 2000-2004
Children & Young People with Cochlear Implants   01/02 2000-2004
Type of Hearing Loss 00/01 01/02  
School Placement 00/01 01/02 2000-2004
Record of Needs 00/01 01/02  
Aids To Hearing 00/01 2000-2004
Preschool Placement 00/01  
Language & Communication 00/01 01/02  
Medical Conditions, Physical Disabilities & Learning Difficulties 00/01 2000-2004
5-14 Levels: Charts 00/01  
5-14 Levels: Tables 00/01 2000-2004
Certificated Qualifications 00/01 2000-2004
BSL/Deaf Studies/Lip-reading qualifications 00/01 2000-2004
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